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Part Number and Part Code Structure

To ensure that all products supplied are to the customer requirements it is important that all the relevant information is supplied when a purchase order is placed. TGS use two methods to correctly specify parts.

1) Part number which can be quoted -Part number shows the useful information that TGS would need to have in order to commence manufacture of this part. We add 2 letter or digits at end of part number as internal control code.

For example

TGS   CSM2  4M0    A50-18-50-20-100    T    LF      XX


TGS Company Code

Product Series No., more series No. in the list.

Frequency Range-4.0MHz

Specification value

Package in Tape/Reel

RoHS Complaint code

Internal Control Code- 2 letter or digits; Blank: N/A

2) Part Code - Industry standard short-code

XM   4M000000        S       100


Part Code, more Part code in the list

Frequency Range-4.0MHz

Package code

Specification code for Part no.

TGS CSM2 4M0A50-18-50-20-100 TLF XX

3) Each part has own both part number and part code, although has same specification. For Example:

Part Code

(14 letters + Digits)

Part Number

(unlimited letter + Digits)


TGS CSM2 4M0A50-18-50-20-100TLFDA


TGS CSM2 4M0A50-18-50-20-100TLFDB


TGS CSM2 4M0A50-18-50-20-100 TLFDC


This means if anyone contact TGS directly for info on  products with Part Number and Part code, then we would know immediately where is from,we will forward this inquiry to Authorized Distributor in the this territories to follow up. Please look at Parts Code and Parts Series List  and all items on the list is series number, not part numbers.Each part number/Part code is subject to frequency range and specification.